Monday’s Masterpiece – dark and moody

Morning lovelies!  How were everybody’s weekends?  We had a fantastic time in Bali for our anniversary – lots of sun and sea and Seminyak (homewares) shopping were brills, I’m feeling refreshed and rejuvenated this morning.  SUCH a beautiful island.  Pics to follow later in the week.

So…I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about light and bright spaces lately, what with all the whites, creams and taupes in our new home, so thought it was about time I featured a few slightly more sombre moody affairs here on le blog.

Enter Gabriel Hendifar, a fashion, interiors and lighting designer who’s been getting quite a bit of attention lately in interiors-land.

Gabriel Hendifar1

Can you see why…?!

Such fantastic use of rich dark wall colours, gorgeous natural woods and metals and a liberal splattering of lucite – I have fallen hard for this one.

Gabriel Hendifar2 Gabriel Hendifar3 Gabriel Hendifar4 Gabriel Hendifar5 Gabriel Hendifar6 Gabriel Hendifar7

I do love me some grasscloth – can’t wait to own a home I can cover it in…

Gabriel Hendifar8


{all credits}

I’ve been increasingly drawn to patinated brass, bronze and gold finishes for ermmmm ever, and Gabriel’s lighting collection is seriously not helping matters…check out these beauts:

Gabriel Hendifar lighting collection




  1. emily says:

    Great pics Elly. I have to admit I don’t like dark rooms, but I can live with a dark very small room like the entryway in the first pic…and also I love how the black wall “echoes” the black and white rug in the foreground. I would have never picked that rug myself, but it works great visually. Can’t wait to see your travel pics

    best from NY

  2. Sam says:

    Ohmyword….It was your anniversary? I am a terrible blog friend, I am so sorry I didn’t get to wish you earlier…but Happy Anniversary, may you share many more glorious years of love and happiness! Would love to see the Bali pictures! I can definitely do the dark and moody decor theme…the bedroom thats all in dark blue is so intriguing.

  3. Now we are talking, Elly! This more is less designer is for me, I like a full house, I mean every corner to be filled with something, a vase, a lamp, a painting, something, it’s not me with a lot of white walls and light furniture. But a white and black furniture, hell yes! That yellow painting and the big flower vase are wonderful, I am not very keen on the red printed rug in the room with the fireplace, but all the rest is amazing. The flowers are the perfect design and this vintage green dressing, wonderful! I can imagine how beautiful is Bali, hope one day I will get to visit that part of the world :*

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