Monday’s Masterpiece – fresh and fun {and oversize foliage}

I thought for today’s masterpiece I’d take a peek at Jessica Helgerson, a Portland-based interior designer with more than a few showstoppers dans le portfolio.

This first image caught my eye on Pinterest over the weekend as I’ve bought a veeery similar gorgeous Beni Ouarain rug and pair of Moroccan poufs for our place.  Loving the monochrome look with dashes of dark wood and the omnipresent oversize leafy goodness – divine!

jessica helgerson1That looks suspiciously like an Ochre chandie if you ask me – totally enamoured with the subway tiles / exposed brick combo too:

jessica helgerson2

And this suzani (?) headboard is the bee’s knees too!

jessica helgerson3

Here are a few more of my faves from JHID’s portfolio – this ethnic rug is so fun, and am loving the matching multi-coloured dining chairs too:

jessica helgerson4

I don’t know what these are but my jaw is on the floor…  Do you SEE that exposed brick wall??!

jessica helgerson5

And I remember gawping at this gorgeous pad on Design Sponge many moons ago – yep, still gawping:

jessica helgerson6

jessica helgerson7
jessica helgerson8

Have a fab Monday loves!


  1. The black and white in the first picture is gorgeous and those brown puffs, so lovely! And yes, the rug and the colored chairs, that’s a good idea, I have to think about it because my cats destroyed the fabric cover of my living room chairs, but hey, I am not mad 😛 yet!!! And again the black and white with a splash of green leafs, gorgeous, I know how my next house will look like, Elly! I hope you had a great weekend :*

  2. The bookshelf in the first picture; that kitchen in the third; and EVERYTHING in the last few pictures. Ohmigosh Elly this is the greatest Monday post EVER! Also pertinent…I’m a sucker for exposed brick walls, as well!! 😀

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