New goodies for the floor

So I came across the new rug collection at West Elm this morning and pretty much squealed with glee.  Full of dhurries, kilims and ikat weaves, it is definitely my cup of tea. Ooh, do I get points for accidental rhyming?!

West Elm new rug collection

I can’t decide which I love more, the subtle ikats and Beni Ouarain inspired monochromes, or the more colourful vibrant dhurries:

West Elm rugs1 West Elm rugs2 West Elm rugs3

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It’s lucky we have our very own Beni Ouarain winging its way to Singapore right now or my credit cards would be in trouble…


  1. My bank card is always getting into trouble, Elly, when I see beautiful things, that’s why I decided “to go cash” (is that even understandable?) and see how money fly away from my hand :))))) I like the yellow one so much and the light pink and the deep blue, I am a colored girl, should I be ashamed? Kisses

  2. Sam says:

    Pink and yellow!!! Love them and the serene shade, think they would be so uplifting to a room. Thanks for your always lovely comments, you’re the best!

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