Friday fun

Happy Friday peeps! 

It has been a lo-oo-oong week here in Singas and I for one am looking forward to a weekend off.  What are your plans?  I’m start to feel a smidge trepidatious re our trip to Kuala Lumpur – will try my best to not accidentally impale myself on any passing spikes…eeks.

Anyhoo, so today I thought a nice little dose of pom pom trim was in order.  Why?  Well it just seems to improve most things in my opinion, including doggies:

pom pom trim interior design1

Ha, no I guess that’s actually a bit cruel, no?! 

So my faves of the lot have to be the goold ole classic pillow trim:

pom pom trim interior design2

pom pom trim interior design7

Closely followed by some cracking curtains…

pom pom trim interior design5

pom pom trim interior design6

…and lovely lampshades:

pom pom trim interior design8

But these next two show it’s also possible to do a ‘grown up’ version – I am all over these oversize poms poms like a pigeon on a chip:

pom pom trim interior design3

Also pretty fabulous in event design:

pom pom trim interior design4

pom pom trim interior design4.6

And these last two show you can literally trim anything in poms…including human beings.

pom pom trim interior design9


Think that might have to be a project for next week – I should see how much of our home I can pom pom before Alistair gets home from work, ha.  Kidding, darling.  Maybe…

Lastly here’s a round up of the best trimmies out there right now:

pom pom trim shopping guide

{clockwise from top left: pink, black, turquoise, orange, multi, green, yellow, red}

Have a happy weekend loves!


  1. Sam says:

    The poor dog! Ohmy…haha. Pom poms are so cute, and I like how you’ve demonstrated the different ways they can be used, I quite like them on the throw pillows. Looking forward to hearing about your trip when you get back!Thanks for taking the time to stop by….have a wonderful weekend. ♥

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