Bananas for brass – part 1

So Monday’s shiny and metallic interiors seemed to go down pretty spiffingly, but I thought today instead of boring old silver (apols silver fans!) I would continue the bling bling theme with some antiqued brass and general goldy goodness.

brass interior design1

I literally just cannot get enough of this finish right now, in fact this minor obsession has been going on since we picked up three beeeautiful Nepalese singing bowls in Kathmandu early last year.

I actually want to eat this next image it’s so GOOD!

brass interior design2

So here are my fave inspo pics out there on t’internet right now, I’m particularly enamoured with the designs contrasting a bright finish with dark walls etc., à la:

brass interior design3 brass interior design4

Brass’ flexibility constantly amazes me too – it can be used in gorgeous sleek modern designs (see up) but also pulls off the more trad solid schemes with perfect panache (see down):

brass interior design5

This next one is Miami’s The Tide’s La Marea restaurant designed by Kelly Wearstler.  We were lucky enough to have brunch there a while back on a weekend trip to Miamiiiiii, and I totally fell in love with the decor, brass ‘n all.

brass interior design6

LOVING the splash of brass in these kitchens, both the whiteys…

brass interior design7

…and this black beaut:

brass interior design7.6

brass interior design8

And it also looks fabulous as a little accent colour, for those less inclined to douse their entire home in the stuff:

brass interior design9

brass interior design10

brass interior design11




  1. Yes! Yesyesyes! I LOVE brass – it seems like something that is oftentimes overlooked {in favor of gold or silver} but it is so elegant and charming. I especially love it when it’s a bit antiquated in color. OBSESSED with the decor of Miami’s The Tide’s La Marea Restaurant. Kelly Wearstler is such a rock star! 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    I recall seeing brass elements around peoples homes when i was really young, its nice to see it back in the forefront…I am obsessing over that black kitchen, so dramatic!

  3. Bring on the brass, Elly! Show me a girl that is not crazy about brass! I think we are crazy about everything that is bling bling, also in the house, our cuffs are not sufficient. I like the black and brass combination from the 4th images and also the brown and brass in that bedroom, but I won’t say no to that white kitchen furniture with black and brass accessories on the table (isn’t that a fabulous pot?) and near the sink. Kisses

  4. All of this. Yes. Totally. 100%. I’m gutted that brass hasn’t caught up yet here in the UK – silver is still the ‘go to’ metal (in all it’s forms – stainless, chrome, mercury, etc). But man, I’ve been on this gravy train for a while and it’s ALL THE HELL OVER my pad. And agree, Kelly Wreastler IS a rock star. I have to say, Emily Henderson uses it with such panache as well. Love it. xxx

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