Monday’s Masterpiece – glitz and glamour

So after last week’s masterpiece oogling I’m in the mood for a little more interiors glamour.  Cue Louise Bradley, a British designer fond of glitzy chandies, copious mirrorwork and sleek modern spaces.

What do you think – is this your cup of tea or a smidge too girly for you?  I wouldn’t pick this style myself but do love the balance of the masculine black spaces and angular lines with the feminine mirrored furniture and luxe upholstery.

louise bradley design0 louise bradley design1 louise bradley design2 louise bradley design3 louise bradley design4 louise bradley design6 louise bradley design7 louise bradley design8 louise bradley design9



  1. Elly you totally read my mind! I keep talking to people about my dream decor, and this is it exactly! I love how elegant it all looks! I am printing this post out and adding it to my inspiration board NOW!! 🙂

  2. Hey, Elly, there is too much black in the first images, to be more warm (at least for me), I would have used dark purple or dark green, but everything else is perfection. I wish I could be so good at designing my house…
    The make-up course was great, I was chosen to be the model and I have an obsession ever since I found a perfect red lipstick that did not looked so good on me, so the “make-up artist” made me a daily, light make-up, but with red flame lips, I felt so good 😀 but I will be posting pictures on my blog soon 😉

  3. Sam says:

    Where do i move in!? ….I am obsessing over this beautifully designed home, the luxurious accessories, the colours and the glamourous appeal, I didn’t know it before, but this is very much my style. P.S Thanks for your great comment!

  4. There are certain elements that I absolutely love in every single one of them but it does look a bit too ‘hotel’ for me, like there’s a soul thats somehow missing – but that’s my ‘boho’ side coming out of me. I like a mish mash of styles, something that looks a bit collected over time. That said, if I was to go to a hotel and it looked like these rooms, I’d be thrilled. I just couldn’t live with it in my own home (does that make sense?) 😉 xxx

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