Elle Decor’s got my back

Just a shorty today peeps apols, I can barely lift my arms to type after a cruel and merciless yoga class at lunchtime…  Ha, not really, I am just being a smidge disorganised this arvo.  But it was a crazy tough class at Pure, was awesome.  Sorry, you do not care about yoga classes in Singapore, that is not why you are here.

Moving swiftly on…..remember my Quilting For Grown ups post from last year?  Go check it out if you missed it the first time around!

quilting interior design

{credit: Caribbean Living}

Well seemingly Elle Decor now agree with moi – you saw it here first people.

They’ve found a bunch of fab new products incorporating these lovely lines for their latest edition – why don’t you head on over and check it out?

elle decor quilting interior design

Have a happy weekend peeps, what are you up to?  Do tell!


  1. I remember your post, I think I am one of your daily followers for a while now, right? And I am always happy to see what you have discovered. I love the orange armoir, the couch and those hang lamps look so cool! So you are a yoga girl like Garance Dore? That’s so nice… I prefer pilates but I should do only cardio after the holidays to burn those fats :))))
    In the weekend I will go to a beauty seminar (yeyyyyy, finally I will find out how those professional make up are made) and I will see the Tarantino’s new baby and some reading. Have a lovely weekend, Elly!

  2. Sam says:

    Hiya hun…thanks for your great comment! I had no idea that most of things (like lamps) came quilted, because I really love the texture and style. I agree with the previous comment, Elle Decor should hire you as their resident blogger! I have already learnt so much from you. have a great weekend!

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