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Thanks for all the input yesterday lovelies, was extreeemely helpful to hear your oppies (Kimberly you made me laugh with your scornful comment, teehee) – so I’ve decided to go for it but on a smaller scale than I was originally thinking.  Cryptic, huh?!

Our place is the dream home for anyone who’s into super-contemporary decor and a slick minimalist vibe.  ‘Bugger that for a bunch of bananas’ is unfortunately my usual response to such spaces however, so I’ve been busy finding ways to mask the floors and walls that won’t lose us our security deposit… 



The floor’s a piece of cake (hello IKEA jute rugs, I love you) but there’s also this particularly offensive shiny white wall with built-in weird angular stripes that looks like it belongs on a spaceship.  I keep expecting Dr Spock to walk down the stairs and ask someone to beam him up.  It’s been playing on my mind alot as it is just positively ruining my scheme darling – see the shiny little sucker on the RHS?:

shiny wall

Sooooo, I’ve come up with a DIY concoction to cover it with an ikat fabric, which may or may not work.  The hubs did not seem particularly convinced that it will function given the fact that there is gravity on this planet, when I was explaining le plan to him last night.  Fingers crossed anyhoo, I’ve bought the fabric and it is winging its way to this little island as we speak!

Anyway, so I wanted to share with you guys this incredible fabric resource I’m using for the project.  I’ve known about for a while now but it somehow slipped the old (operative word) memory for a while.  But they have some dang good fabrics for pretty amazeballs prices, and also a 20% discount right now (code: SNOW2013).  I’m a huge fan of Osborne & Little and Designers Guild etc., not to mention the likes of Ms Weinrib, but let’s be honest, I am not rich – $18/yard sounds a lot more palatable to me than £90/m…

Check out these beauts!

fabric.com1 fabric.com4 fabric.com5

{credits – also forgot to credit the image yesterday: fabric, throw pillow, rar!}


  1. You are so funny, Elly! I hope your solution will work for the “shiny little sucker on the RHS” :))))))))). I would chose the zigzag or the oxblood print.
    I started looking for jobs in Cayman, Elly 😀 Hope you won’t be jealous when I’ll be living there 😉
    OOOO, and say hello to Dr. Spock for me 😉

  2. Your description of the shiny white wall may be the most brilliant thing I have ever read – love it! As for the fabrics…I’m partial to the colorful Chevron stripe – I think I have a Chevron obsession. 😛

  3. Sam says:

    I am loving your brilliant idea about overing the wall with fabric…it will add such beautiful texture, my favourite is the colourful zigzag print or the pretty one next to it…hope we get to see the exciting ‘before’ and ‘after’

  4. Hahaha! I WIN COMMENT WARS!! *throws confetti* (I feel all fancy being mentioned by the way) Love the idea of covering a wall in fabric! How very posh of you and yes, – jeezus, I lose HOURS looking at that website. That could be the wine, however. Love your choices, I want to have sexy time with the one on the bottom right.

    Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out so I can copy your genius. Need a big shiny RHS Spock inspired wall in my home… xxx

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