A little piece of the Caribbean…

…in your living room:

interior design ocean photo1

What do you think?!  Oversize ocean photos can create such drama in a space, and we have been pining after our old view of the Caribbean Sea, so I’ve been thinking about getting a couple of our piccies printed onto BIG MAMA canvases for our dining room.

interior design ocean photo2 interior design ocean photo4

Not sure what this bird is doing…

interior design ocean photo3

…but she has a nice living room. 


The tricksy thing is though that if I do manage to get my hands on the capiz shell chandie I’ve been drooling over, it might look like I’m actually trying to recreate Seven Mile Beach in our dining room – would just need to add a few plastic blow-up palm trees and a colony or two of hermit crabs.  Thoughts?!


  1. Alistair says:

    Magnificent look! We’ve got a big stock of photos to look through… And we should definitely get a porcelain puffer fish.

  2. I think the birdie is exercising to look fit on her beach outside her beautiful house. Well, when I imagine your old place, I am asking myself: how could you live the paradise place you were living in, I imagine your wedding on the beach, with the wind blowing warmly (there is only one kind of wind near the beach: the wind that really does not matter if he ruins your hair because you are too happy to meet him again and again)…as you can see, I love the sea, the beach and I would love to live near one…endless summer and sun. I think the idea with the sea canvas is gorgeous and I would go for a black and white one, it is more suitable for the brown items you have chosen for your livingroom 🙂

    PS: I bet Singapore and Asia is beautiful, too :D, sorry if I made you nostalgic 😀 but here is winter, so please understand…

  3. The space in the third picture – with that rustic table and that incredible piece of art flanked by two adorable windows? Ummm…I’m kind of in love! I want to live in that room!

    P.S. Confession…no yelling will take place – one of my favorite nail colors is nude/pinky pastels. They elongate the fingers in such an elegant way. 😀

  4. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, you always bring new things to my attention that I would have never noticed before…I quite like the look of the last room and the image of the ocean in there with the blue and white theme, it seems perfect for a beach inspired home.

  5. emily says:

    Hi Elly,
    and LOL…you always make me laugh. That “bird” hasn’t figured out how to use a chair yet….baby steps…
    I love the shot with the burlap like drapes against white walls, I was thinking of doing that in my living room in the country and wasn’t 100% sure….but I think it’s the way to go. It looks fresh again.
    I hear you complain about WP from time to time, do you not recommend it? My (new) web master wants to move me from Blogger to WP…

    regards from New York
    Emily @ UpstateCountryHouse.com

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