Living room update…and a little bit of Greek Key

So over the last couple of days I’ve been teaching myself how to use SketchUp Pro (which I’ve found to be incredible after struggling on AutoCAD for aaaages – and no this is not a sponsored post, although it should be…), and have put together the plans for our new home.

Voila mesdames et messieurs, my first attempt at our living/dining room (ahem, and please don’t laugh at the cowhide, they are tricky!!):

Elly MacDonald Design - Living Dining Room Plan

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

It’s a smidge squisharoo as we are in the lucky position of having the ‘problem’ that our parents are giving us a few pieces of furniture as wedding gifts, so we’re looking to the future and not just picking pieces to go in a mini apartment in SG.

VERY EXCITED to be living in a proper home again after gallivanting around Asia for a year, cannot waaaaait!

Ahem, anyhoo, so today I thought I’d take a little peek at one of the smaller design elements: the curtains’ Greek Key trim.  I just so happen to not be able to get enough of this lovely trimmy, in every single colourway in existence:

greek key trim1

I can’t tell you how full of grins those images make me, nothing like copious trimmings and fabrics to make me smile.

So it looks fabulous on cushions and lampshades…

greek key trim2

…but it’s on curtains that it’s really killer:

greek key trim3 greek key trim8 greek key trim7 greek key trim6 greek key trim5 greek key trim4

  {all credits}

Whaddya recky people?


  1. Alistair says:

    I recky I like. Great way to brighten up neutral curtains. And magnificent living room!

    Ps – smidge squisharoo wins the prize for your best blog alliteration yet!

  2. When you are talking about Greek key trim, Samuel & Sons is the choice of interior designers if there is the budget for it, as the wider trim shown here below retails for about $69.00 a yard. Imported from France, the colors and quality are exquisite. See the entire line here .

  3. Sarah Cov says:

    Hi! Love the greek key! Got James’ mum coming next week so making some curtains for the front room that currently have sheers only – the fabric shop happened to have the greek key trim half price so I now have 20 meters of it! Am putting it with a light sage cotton mix material for the curtains themselves so got quite a sewing project for the next couple of days : ) . Thank you for the inspiration!

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