Monday’s Masterpiece – lucite, zebra and starbursts…seriously?!

I just realised this morning I’ve been a smidge lax on my masterpiece posts lately, think it’s time to get back down to business lest you start thinking I’ve run out of oogle-worthy designers to gabble about.

So I thought today I would take a look at the portfolio of Jan Showers, a Dallas based interior designer / high style furnishings maven, as I’ve been slightly fixated on two of her spaces for a while now.  They could not be more distinct from each other but are both equally fabulous.

Exhibit A:

jan showers1

Exhibit B:

jan showers11 jan showers12

Absolutely INCREDIBLE, no? 

Incidentally, Jan is also known as (in my little brain at least) ‘The Lucite Lady’ as I actually first came across her when hunting high and low for the perfect upholstered/lucite-legged bench for a piece of coursework a few years back.  Let me tell you, these guys delivered the goods, and simultaneously created my ongoing lust for all things lucite…

So anyhoo, here are a few more of my fave interiors – it’s not a style that I’m usually instantly drawn towards, but I figure there’s always room for a little understated glamour.  Also zebra, cowhides, starburst mirrors and contemporary bed canopies seem to feature prominently, I DIE! 

‘Nuff said, feast your peepers:

jan showers10 jan showers9 jan showers8 jan showers7 jan showers6 jan showers4 jan showers3 jan showers13

And here’s that lucite (oh and the insane bling coffee table also):

jan showers lucite1 jan showers lucite2

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  1. Sam says:

    Ca I please dive into this post in live in one of those magnificent rooms, please? Wow, i am in awe of the luxurious designs, Exhibit A especially and the bedrooms that follow. I like the last coffee table, quite unique.

  2. Ack! Brain explodes!! So much goodness… gasp! That first pic has been in my inspiration files since… I dunno, since before Pinterest lol The coffee table is just ridiculous. And seeing all that lucite goodness as well?!? Seriously there’s too much gorgeous, I need to lie down. xxx

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