Design classic (4) – Louis Ghost chair, the return!

So I wrote about the delectable Louis a while back now (see here), but today I wanted to take a little recap.  As soon as I set eyes upon our future dining table (see yesterday’s ramblings) my brain started screaming LOUIS GHOST CHAIR LOUIS GHOST CHAIR, WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME YOU CRAZY LADY.

I figure it’s the perfect way to add a cool design feature without taking away too much from the suar slab’s lines, however it’s a bit of a bold statement and in my more wimpy moments I’ve been having second thoughts.

So anyways, here are a few images where the pairing really works well in my humblest opinion, and show kinda what I’m looking to achieve, with a twist.

interior design louis ghost chair wood table1 interior design louis ghost chair wood table2 interior design louis ghost chair wood table3


Have a happy weekend peeps and let me know what you think of this lucite / all natural combo por fav – I have an inkling this one might receive mixed reviews…


  1. THIS IS THE COOLEST CHAIR EVER! Seriously. Elly, I have never seen anything like these before, but I desperately want one now. I swear, one day when I have a place of my own all of your design posts and recommendations are going to be my guide for decor. I just love everything you select! 🙂

  2. I love this combo very much. For a while my husband has been thinking of changing our modern table for something more traditional, i.e. wooden and square, so we agreed that if he gets the table I get to keep our modern chairs (they are called NY diner style or something like that – basically curved white plastic). So as you can see, I am 100% with you on this and yes, if I could have the ghost chairs instead of mine I wouldn’t think twice.

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, thanks for your lovely comment, unfortunately I didn’t write that, only mildly edited it. I actually saw these chairs this past weekend while out a mall with my friend and I told her that the first time I ever heard of them was on your blog and i absolutely loved them since then. I’ve even seen the cute miniature ones for kids, so cute!

  4. Peet says:

    How cool is that!! Love the transparent aspect of the chairs and that furry rug over them in the bottom pic! The combination of wood and plastic is genius in my opinion!

  5. I’m on the fence on this one, admittedly! I do think they are cool but like those of us who saturate ourselves in the interior blogging world, they seemed to be EVERYWHERE for a while now and so I’ve shied away from using them in my own home. (I also saw them in person during that time period and they seemed a bit too ‘plastic-y’ for the price they were charging.) That hasn’t stopped me however from latching on to other ‘trends’ by any means – there are some that I’ve said trend be damned, I love them, I will continue to love them long after their star fades (hello Chippendale Faux Bamboo Chairs and Chiang Mai Dragon Fabric). But not so much on the Louis Ghost. Just a personal opinion here obviously and if you love them, then hell, get them, love them, use them, stroke them and have little baby Ghost Chairs with em. Just do be sure to clean them afterwards before you invite guests around 😉

  6. M.E says:

    I’m a huge fan of Kartell’s ghost chair, in fact at home we have the transparent ones and the pink barbie collection ones… I just couldn’t resist!!

  7. Alistair says:

    I was very sceptical at first, but after seeing some of these pics I am convinced. They’ll help the space feeling too crowded as well!

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