Captivating capiz (chandies)

So over the Crimbles break we were so soooooo excited to be given a seriously beautiful dining table, as a wedding gift from my lovely new inlaws.  Seriously.  Beautiful:


Our one’s actually even more grainy and curvy and gorgeous – it’s made of one solid hunk of tropical suar wood and weighs about 3000 tonnes, hope they can get it up the stairs to the apartment ok, eek.

I’ve been pondering the question of how I can possibly match its high style stakes with a light fitting, and was coming up with pretty slim pickings until this brilliant and genius idea popped into my brain (if I do say so myself): the capiz shell chandelier.

I’ve been a giant fan of these all natural beauts for a few years now and cannot believe I have not bored you to tears with them yet on this little bloggy.  But now I have my chance, maha! 

Take a little peek at some of these lovelies:

interior design capiz chandelier1 interior design capiz chandelier2 interior design capiz chandelier3 interior design capiz chandelier4 interior design capiz chandelier5 interior design capiz chandelier6 interior design capiz chandelier7


And in case you’re feeling inspired, here’s a little round up of the ladies that won’t break the bank:

shopping guide capiz chandeliers

{clockwise from top left, on: blue backgroundclear background, dark grey background, light grey background, clear background (rectangle), clear background, white background}

So my fave for MAXIMUM IMPACT is West Elm’s rectangular lovely at bottom right but they don’t ship this one to SG, which is a little bit of a pain in the bot.  But I shall come up with something, watch this space!


  1. Sam says:

    Great solid table! Ohhh those chandeliers are quite a splendid sight, so airy and sort of magical, i can just picture them in a beautiful beach house but I do like how it looks in that kitchen in the last pic.

  2. Oh wow, that table is sexxxxy! Lucky you!!! And yes, the delicate chandelier in capiz would work beautifully with all that sexy wood. I have looked for ages for a really big capiz chandy in the UK and couldn’t ever find anything remotely in budget 🙁 I will have to admire your gorgeous beauty from afar xx

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