Pantone’s pick

And the prize for most blogged about colour of the year goes to……….you guessed it:

emerald and grey or black

Such a stunner though, I’m delighted the wise folks over at Pantone plucked out this gorgeous brighty as 2013’s inspiration. 

And seeing as every design blogger worth their salt is posting up this colour like nobody’s business, I thought today I’d take a little look at it paired with black or greys as I’m particularly enamoured with this combo right now. 

I guess a couple of these pics trend a smidge too far towards forest green, but they’re still pretty blooming gorgeous.

emerald and grey or black1 emerald and grey or black2 emerald and grey or black3 emerald and grey or black4 emerald and grey or black5


So what do you think of this palette?


  1. Sarah Cov says:

    This is pretty much my favourite colour! Hopefully moving into a new apartment in feb that will be more long term and can’t wait to make it look great. This colour is an inspiration! x

  2. I did a rundown of Emerald on the workie blog but this combo with grey is fabulous! I was actually following in your pinning wake because I added all of these to my pinterest board – simply gorgeous roundup of a gorgeous colour! xxx

  3. Sam says:

    I am quite excited to see more of this glorious shade in fashion and decor this year. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how brilliant the green drawers and curtains looked.

  4. Johanna says:

    I’m so excited about this color. It’s my birth stone and it’s an amazing color on just about everyone. Can’t wait to see all the creative ideas that unfold this year!

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