Monochrome throw-y lovelies

Morning folks!

So I’ve been trawling the furnishings stores of my new home city for 2 weeks now and am loving what I’m seeing, with the sole exception of throw pillows…  Now this does not sound particularly life threatening I am aware, but I am partial to a nice pillow or two that don’t cost a kidney to attain.

I’m actually thinking about getting an import permit for some of these beauties from Etsy – is that going a smidge OTT, do you think??!

monochrome throw pillows

{clockwise from top left: greek key, moustaches, trellis, ikat}

And does anyone have any ideas for somewhere I could try in Singers por fav…?


  1. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, firstly thanks for your insightful comment on my last post, I love reading these because we all have such different opinions. I agree on the scuba dresses, but somehow they caught on! I think there is a designer to cater to every type of taste. I am very intrigued by the Ikat printed cushion, I personally love anything in black and white. I have a question…are yo not allowed to buy anything from Etsy in Singapore? When I was there I visited a place called Mustafa’s – they had everything and I mean everything!

  2. It might be cheaper to buy the fabric from Etsy (you can often small small offcuts or single yards) and make your own cushions out of them at home? Maybe be cheaper than shipping a full cushion… alas I feel your pain. I had to open my own shop to get anything decent! xxx

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