Morocco me – part 3

Ok ok, I think ol’ WP was just having a bit of a moment back there, things seem to be back to normal right now.  Maaan, Caribbean Living was seriously uggers for a minute or two, ha.

Ok, I digress……so back to the final Morocco instalment for this week folks (sorry Johanna, ahem), the handira wedding blanket, AKA the most blooming beautiful blanket I have ever set eyes upon – and I am quite an authority on blankets, believe me, we have an enormous (and growing) pile of ’em from all around the world, but none of these beauties, drat.

handira1See??!  Blooming.  Beautiful.

So here are the obligatory swoonworthy piccies, I think I’ll let them do the talking today.

handira2 handira3 handira4 handira5 handira6 handira7 handira8



  1. My head is full of sequins this year, of course, I do not know what happened, so are you reading minds, Elly? Because yesterday evening I bought a black little bit of sequins wool blouse and I thought: are sequins allowed in the house, also? I mean, can I decorate with sequins? Isn’t that too much and a kitsch?” But, well, you showed me today that: “NO, it is not too much if you bring just a little bit of bling bling sequins”
    So, welcome to my head, full of sequins! My favorite is that first bedroom!
    Have a lovely day!

    PS: You will look chic with a fur hat at 30 degrees Celsius in Singapore;)! I just hate you, really, always summer…pfffffffffff…….

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, sorry to hear that WordPress went haywire, hope everything is sorted out now. You really shouldn’t have introduced me to this blanket, because now I am going to be obsessing over it and wondering how I can find myself one. It is utterly gorgeous

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