Morocco me – part 2

So the one piece of Moroccan furnishings I have been über-coveting for a while now is the Berber rug, aka Beni Ouarain rug.

berber rugs1

Crafted by the Beni Ouarain tribespeople of the Atlas Mountains, its distinctive geometric lines and high pile shagginess are absolutely divine and provide the perfect does of ethnic goodness to a scheme while not being too ‘look at me look at me’ crazy.

Not sure what the deal is with some of the vintage pieces – kinda looks like a toddler, black marker pen and free rein have been combined all over a priceless rug…

berber rugs2

Quite cool and unusual but I think I prefer the straighties myself.

So here are some examples of these lovely ladies in action – let me know what you think por fav!

berber rugs3 berber rugs4 berber rugs5 berber rugs6 berber rugs7 berber rugs8 berber rugs9 berber rugs10 berber rugs11 berber rugs13



  1. Alistair says:

    I think they’re great (less so the kiddie ones) and go very well with an old school dark wood chest as in the first pic, hint hint!

  2. Sam says:

    Haha, I agree with what you said about giving a toddler and marking pen. At first glance I wasn’t too sure about these rugs but then I scrolled down to the decorspiration pics and found that it worked extremely well and added character to the rooms. P.S I agree on Anne’s goth look, I put it up to hear what everyone else thought about it too.

  3. Did you watch Mad Men? There is a phrase about white carpets: “You have to have at least four of them” or something like that. I like white, creamy carpets (though I have non in the living room because of my cats, but have some white fur small carpets in the bedroom), they are beautiful and look extremely good, but what to do with the fact that you have to clean them (actually wash them) every two months, I guess…So, my favorite is the one with the brown stripes.

    PS: The metallic grey dress Natalia (is her?) is wearing resembles the dress I’ll be having for New Years’ Eve 1920s party 😉

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