Luscious leopard – part 2

Welcome back peeps!  I’ve had mixed reviews on yesterday’s post – some like it, some are terrified of it! – but here’s my leopard interiors shopping guide for anyone looking to inject a little raaar into their space.

interior design leopard shopping guide

{clockwise from top left: throw pillow, set of trays, armchair, wallpaper, clutch, lampshadefaux fur throw / throw pillows, heels, area rug}

My picks are the (totally bargainous Target) throw pilow, area rug, heels and clutch – how about you…?


  1. Sarah Cov says:

    Finding it amazing that your Dec 13 blog has come out while I am still on Dec 12! Thankfully flip flops and summer dresses (coupled with obligatory hoodie!) are not completely unacceptable here in SF, but I definitely need to update my wardrobe after 6 months of travelling! Maybe some leopard print to go with it will be a good investment….certainly an improvement on the numbers of christmas jumpers (sorry….sweaters!) that are lining the shops (sorry…stores!) at the moment! And I am looking for a bedroom chair, I like the one here but not sure how the one above would go down with the other half of the household!! xx

  2. Probaly too much leopard for me…ha…ha…! However I rescpect everyone´s taste, of course…Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is funny and interesting. What about following each other via GFC or Bloglovin? By the way, you spanish is perfect !(surely better than my english).

  3. No idea how I stumbled upon your blog (Pinterest maybe?) but I love it!! I knew from the language you use in your writing that you had to be English – I’m a transplant as well but kind of the other way around… from America but moved to England 11 years ago. But yeah, your writing style is quite similar to mine so I felt immediately comfortable. That’s weird isn’t it? Yeah, well, what’s weirder is that now I’m stalking you around the internet!! HA! 😉 Promise I’m not dangerous, just curious 😉 Anyway, wanted to say hello. I’m all down with the leopard print as well, freaking love that lampshade. xxx

  4. Alistair says:

    I’m overwhelmed… Would have to see the pieces in a broader context – too much all together! But you’d look great in the heels!

  5. Sam says:

    I just realized how much I need the throw pillow and arm chair, they are exquisite features to really give a room some fiesty character! Stunning choices!

  6. Still the chair is my choice, plus the two kitty cats I have at home, imagine to have a leopard together with the cats, no, can’t do, the cats were there first, the leopard will stay in the backyard, when I’ll have a backyard…Elly, all your choices are beautiful :*

  7. Rachel says:

    I used to be completely anti-leopard print but I think you’ve got me convinced with this post. I’d snap up those heels and clutch in no time flat! Not totally convinced by the trays though – maybe a touch too far??x

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