Luscious leopard – part 1

So we’ve only been in scorching Singapore for three days but it has very quickly become apparent that my Cayman beach dresses and old knackered flippy floppies just do not cut the mustard in the big smoke.  I need to upgrade the wardrobe pronto, and what easier way to up the ante than with a hefty dose of lep lep leopard…?

leopard interior design2

I know, thought you’d like that.

leopard interior design1

Quelle surprise but it started me on a bit of a pinterest hunt for some luscious leopard interiors.  Here are my long time faves (soooo envious of Mary McDonald’s fabulous office):

leopard interior design3

But let’s start off with a few small doses, for anyone up for a little dabble:

leopard interior design3.6

leopard interior design4

leopard interior design5

Next step up is some lavish upholstery:

leopard interior design6

leopard interior design7

Absolutely BONKERS good on the RHS here paired with traditional panelling and chandy:

leopard interior design8

Or how about splatting it all over the walls:

leopard interior design9

Incredible in a fun bold powder room and can you spot it on the RHS?!

leopard interior design10

Underfoot is, I think, my preferred look, especially when a Hermes blanket is involved, yikes!

leopard interior design11

And all of these stair runners can hotfoot it over to our new pad – come to mama!

leopard interior design12

leopard interior design13

leopard interior design14


Check out my previous animal prints posts here and here for more goodies, and make sure you head on over tomorrow for le shopping guide!


  1. It is always a good time for something new in the wardrobe, Elly. I have received from a friend my first leopard item: a beret! Is that blanket from Hermes warm or what?! My favorites: high heel shoes (of course, just watch me wear those babies in the snow, neee), the table with a lot of bling bling on it and that corner of the room with the leopard chair, black wall and a lot of paintings around the chair, it looks so vintage, but modern because of the leopard designer’s choice.

  2. Sam says:

    Give me anything leopard and I’m in love…i do use a lot of it clothes but actually never thought about using it in decor!…..this wonderful inspiration is sparking a new idea for my living room! Thank you Thank you Elly!

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