(Ahem ahem) I’m…dreaming…of a white…Christmas

Well I was a couple of days ago anyway.

Lovelies, please do me a favour: if you ever travel from the States to Asia, make sure you grab yourself a window seat on the midday Delta Atlanta/Tokyo flight.  It will BLOW YOUR MIND!  We’d never seen Alaska, Siberia or the Bering Straits before (and yeh I still haven’t managed to get my head around why we flew up to practically the North Pole just to get to Japan – could have stopped by Santa’s place), and essentially chased the sunset for about 9 hours over the mountains, ravines, snow fields, frozen rivers and bloody icebergs!  Insane!  Excuse my french please.

These are the best pics I can find online but they actually don’t even begin to do it justice – I literally had my snoz pressed up against the window for hours and hours:

Alaska - Siberia aerial view1

Alaska - Siberia aerial view2

Alaska - Siberia aerial view3

Alaska - Siberia aerial view5

Tundra Snow

{credits – 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6}

All the snow and forests made me start frigging finally to feel a smidge festive.  Hong Kong and Cayman aren’t the easiest places to channel a little Santa (one place doesn’t celebrate Christmas, the other is plastered in palm, not pine, trees…), but gazing out at these bonkers sights made me want to start bellowing out a rendition of Jingle Bells at the top of my lungs and brought to mind little wistful ideas of creating something like the following:

interior design white christmas1 interior design white christmas3 interior design white christmas4 interior design white christmas5 interior design white christmas6


Tra la laaaaaaaaa!

Anyhoo, so all festive spirit immediately evaporated into a pouf of hot air when we stepped out of the plane into 80 degree heat here in Singas, but you know what, it was pretty awesome while it lasted.

How are you guys getting on with your Crimbo deco…?


  1. Aubrey says:

    The Christmas inspiration is absolutely *gorgeous*!!! It makes me wish I had gone the white direction with decorations this year! Those pictures are insanely amazing as well, so crazy to fly over the North Pole!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Ohmygosh! Is that what it looks like from up there? Breathtaking, its so beautiful, it must have been amazing to see first hand. Love the second last look with the dining table and pretty chandelier hanging down, my idea of festive flair!

  3. Quite a view you had, Elly! I am telling you, to be clear: you are so lucky with that weather, here there is a lot of snow and water on the streets, my Hunter boots were activated: go Hunter! I like the Christmas inspiration picture, so gorgeous, I think here I will go for “less is more” even if my slogan is always “more is more”, I like the playful fireplace, the whiteness of your pictures :))) I am trying to get some pine cone without going to the forest, but nobody is selling simple pine code for me to paint them the way I want 🙁

  4. Cool(d), we have more snow than we can manage at the moment, chaos for everybody who’s got to travell to get to work, so I’m pretty sure you can have some of ours! Btw: How does it feel at your new home?

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