Design chassic (25) – Hanging/Egg chair

Morning morning folks and a very Happy Friday to you.  As you read this I am sitting miserably on a 400 hour flight back to Singers, so here is one I made earlier!

I’ve been slightly fixated on tropical design since getting back to Cayman, specifically terrace design, and the Hanging/Egg chair would be perfection for injecting a little fun into an outdoors space.

Designed in 1957 by Nanna Ditzel for R Wengler, it’s made of rattan with a choice of coloured cushions, and looks so fab I would love to bag a whole bunch:

ditzel hanging chair1

It’s had quite the evolution from its humble beginnings, with plenty of other designs stemming from it, such as the below:

ditzel hanging chair0

But I think for today I’ll focus on the classic.  So check out these lovely ladies, and tell me what you reckon please!

ditzel hanging chair5 ditzel hanging chair4 ditzel hanging chair3 ditzel hanging chair2


And here’s a little boho terrace I’ve put together using the hanging chair as inspiration – hope you likey:

Boho hanging chair on terrace interior design

{from top left: hanging chair, planters, rug, stool, lantern, floor pillows}


  1. One of my dream things to have (and not that it’s even going to suit the place!) I just love an idea of being cocooned in it, it’s like having your own little private space to hide away with a good book. My only worry (or fear even) is a vivid image of me getting in this chair and hearing the ceiling cracking, crashing and falling down on me. 😀

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. emily says:

    Elly – you just gave me an idea for my second floor alcove….hmmm maybe I’ll get 2 of them.
    Have a great flight! I dislike long flights too…I wish I could do them under anesthesia…lol…just wake me up when we’re there please…
    Emily @

  3. Sam says:

    Its the nest! I’ve been wanting this chair for ages….luckily its quite easily available here in decor stores, I would love to have it in my room or porch and after seeing your inspiration pics, I realized I want it even more! Sorry for being so scarce, the internet gremlins are back!

  4. I am sorry to hear about your flight, Elly, this is why you are not here today? Well, but I did not check your Friday post, so…you gave me the opportunity to do it today! And I can say only one word: I want this egg chair corner for years: instead of a reading couch corner, I want a egg chair reading corner… but now we are kind of not into decorating because the future is not set up, maybe we’ll be moving, but I won’t be disclosing more 😉 Kisses

  5. The Hanging Egg by Nana Ditzel is gorgeous and the genuine product, made by Sika-Design, is now available in Singapore exclusively at Dreamweave & other stories, located at #01-34 Millenia Walk.

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