Design classic (24) – Swan chair

Happy happy Friday peeps, hope all have had a great week.  It has to be a quickie today – we’re heading to our friends’ beach wedding quick smart and I am very very excited indeed, can’t wait!

So I’ve been noticing more and more of Arne Jacobsen’s Swan chairs out there lately, and thought it was about time I found out some more about them.

Designed in 1958 for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, it now comes in a whole bunch of leather and fabric finishes, with a base of satin polished aluminium.  The Swan couch is pretty fun too I reck.

So here are a few inspo piccies to whet your appetite – let me know what you think por fav and have a happy weekend!

Love this close up of its gorgeous curves on the LHS here, and I was not massively surprised I must admit to discover that it looks pretty awesome with a [faux] fur topper:

Think my faves are the brightly coloured puppies – so much fun!

And here’s an example of the Swan couch – love!!!!



  1. Sam says:

    Enjoy the wedding and please take some pics for us! Ahh I’ve seen this chair before but didn’t know its name, I loved it in the pink and yellow shades.

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