Jammin Japan – al fresco bathing

So probably the only upside of Japan sitting slap bang on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire is that there are natural hot springs absoruddylutely everywhere, and the Japanese have turned bathing into a bit of an art form.

Outdoors onsen baths are all over the country, both on the coast…

…and in the mountains…

…but wherever you are, you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up looking a little like this:

Ha.  We saw a whole bunch of these little fellas on a big hike in the snow actually, was pretty awesome.

There are pretty strict rules of etiquette, and we saw this quite comical ‘informative guide’ everywhere we went:

Bit weird to be all nakeybums with a bunch of strangers…but, as they say, when in Rome.

So anyway, I posted a while ago about the beauties that are Japanese soaking tubs, but I thought today I’d take a little look at the al fresco soaking/hot tub options.  Stones, woods, pebbles, metals and brick are the order of the day – I have no time for plastic or acrylic people!  Here are a few of my fave inspo pics.

And this last one’s just for you Ali:

A Japanese Katsu Curry Onsen…I bet you would too, hee.

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  1. Sam says:

    This looks so relaxing and luxurious, as strange as the bath rules and customs are, I wish I could teleport myself there now. That poster is hilarious – in a cute way! ohmygosh, how cute is the foodie bath, never seen that before!

  2. Alistair says:

    I love it – a katsu curry bath! Amazing! We’ll have to live somewhere cold one day so that we can get our own soaking tub.

  3. ok – how do I ask this…was it men and women together naked or separate? I used to travel to Frankfurt a lot, and somebody recommended a dayspa, but failed to tell me the locker rooms were separate, but the pool and jacuzzi was co-ed…imagine my surprise when I walked in naked into the jacuzzi room and a bunch of strangers (mostly men) looked up…
    thanks for sharing those photos…it looks like so many worlds away…emily

  4. LadyJae says:

    What a great post! I was just looking around for some images on Japan and came across your blog…I love it. I’m going to keep poking and will be back again! Carry on.

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