Jammin Japan – a little dose of tangerine

So I’m in the process of sorting through our thousands (literally) of hols snaps right now, but thought today I’d share a few of the totally mind-boggling Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Dedicated to the Gods of Sak’e and Rice in 711, it’s been rebuilt many many times over the last, umm, 2000 years and now is made up of thousands upon thousands of ‘vermillion’ (or more accurately tangerine) gateways threading up through forested mountains in southern Kyoto.

We got up mega early to beat the crowds, and were rewarded with incredible views of this very spiritual place:

It’s really something else, definitely worth a trip if you’re ever in the area – if nothing else for the massive blast of colour that smacks you in the eyeballs:

So it brought to mind Pantone’s colour of 2012 Tangerine Tango, which I haven’t written about since late last year, but here’s what I’m loving in this gorgeous vibrant shade right now.


Guaranteed to bring a smirk to your face, hey?


  1. Sam says:

    Your Japan photos are so beautifully vibrant, i never thought I could be this fond of tangerine. Thats such a lovely shot of you in a brilliant location, those orange pillars seem to go on forever. Love the Christian Siriano dress, the orange coach and pretty wallpaper.

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