Design classic (23) – Bertoia wire chair

I only recently came across the Bertoia Diamond chair, but let me tell you it was love at first oogle.  Designed by the Italian Harry Bertoia in 1952, these elegant pieces are made out of steel and chrome, and he describes them as “mainly made of air, like sculpture – space passes right through them”.

Closely related is the Bertoia chair 420, which is a slightly less flamboyant relative:

So let’s have a little peek – I am a particular fan of them (read, totally over the moon about them) paired with [faux] fur:

And they provide a very interesting juxtaposition in more trad spaces, à la right hand side here:

In bar stool form:


They are perfection paired with these slightly industrial pendants:

Couple of whiteys:

I am am going ever so slightly gaga over this black puppy on the RHS here – love!


Have a fabulous weekend all, what are you up to??  We head to Cayman (YEEEEEEH, I’ve missed it so much) tomorrow for a wedding, can’t wait.  Toodles!


  1. Hey, Elly, totally agree with you: with fur these chairs look delicious and it is mandatory to be located next to a fireplace,cozy winter times! Hope you will have a great weekend and enjoy the wedding :*

    PS: Did not start the novel but I think I may have a future with it, right?:))))))))))

  2. Kristiina says:

    I love this monochrome, classic feature. You are spot on in marrying up minimalism with personality. Have a lovely weekend in Cayman!

  3. Sam says:

    Aww yay..sounds like such fun, hope you have a fabulous time at the wedding. What I’ve learnt from your blog is that there are sooo many fabulous and unique chairs out there, how ever does one chose a design for your home?

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