On my radar

For my November edition, I’ve gone with (quelle surprise) a little bling and a lotta monochrome.

I bumped into Rory Dobner, the artist whose ink drawings Graham & Green have snaffled up this season (see candle below), in Liberty a couple of years ago and had a nice chataroo with him – it’s been so great seeing people’s careers evolve while writing this little blog!

{from top left: gold twig ring, poster print, gold chandie, black Moroccan pouf, gold flatware, candle, gold hardwarerobin cushion, lucite tray, black tableware}

So what are you hankering after right now, do tell!


  1. Bling bling is my other middle name, Elly! I would start with the chandelier, sure it will be a hit and then I will surprise my guests with those goldy gold forks and spoons because you have to sparkle when you eat that yammy cheesecake, right? 😉

    PS: Because I am a rainbow girl like you, yesterday I bought red candles to replace the light green ones because Christmas is here any minute now 😀 but I think if I had found some gold candles, it would have been a difficult decision, Elly! Have a lovely day!

  2. Sam says:

    Two things I can’t get enough of—bling and black and white! The tray and tableware needs to find its way into my dining room, so glam! Hope you have a great start to the week too. Hows settling in been?

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