Colour inspo: mint and gold

So I’ve been continuing my slight obsession with this colour combo for a while now, and have come across a whoooole bunch of gorgeous images lately, so figured I should devote a little blog love to it.

Whether we’re taking fashion, tablescape, wedding design or interior design, it pretty much comes up trumps every single time!

So here are my fave interiors piccies right now, make sure you let me know what you recky!



  1. Elly, mint is my middle name, my bedroom is minty and my hunter are minty :))) So, I totally understand your crush. It is such a beautiful color! And from the face, I think the bulldog agrees 😉 I think you had a mint dress for a wedding, do I have a good memory or not? 😀 Or you were looking for one this summer? 😀

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