Bond fever

** Mini spoiler alert people **

Have you guys seen Skyfall yet…?  My gawd it’s a good ‘un, you must go immediately.  The entire film had me glued to the screen, was loving all the London scenes…


…but it was the Macau segment that really got to me.

Did you see that flipping bonkers Komodo-dragon-guarded casino??!


All the carved wooden screens had me all in a tizzy:

And note the pair of giant foo dogs / guardian lions:

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5}

More carved wooden screens in the Macau hotel – WOW:

{credit: 1}

I DIE!!!  We’re actually heading to Macau this weekend but I was very sad to find out that said Komodo dragon casino doesn’t actually exist…maaan, can you imagine popping in there for a martini or two (shaken not stirred)?!

Anyhoo, so these scenes got me pondering exotic carved wooden screens in interior design – here are a few I’ve been oogling lately:


So what was your fave part…?


  1. Rob says:

    We loved it!! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing but the opening scene was pretty awesome, the Macau casino was stunning and thoroughly enjoyed the UK bits (London and Scotland!). Have a fun weekend x

  2. Hey, Elly! The eye of the designer! I saw the film on Sunday evening and I really like it even if Daniel Craig is not my fav bond, Pierce is…oh, well, I just have to accept that some women are attracted to this type of Bond, right? However, coming back to the wooden interior, please trust me, I can’t remember anything, I was all in the action and that razor on his throat :))) I was just reading today that the scene with the razor in JB increased the sale of cut-throat razor with 405% :))))))))), hilarious. And my favorite from these picture is the second one, with that white small couch and wooden chair, it is so beautiful that room. Kisses and have fun in Macau, too bad about that Martini 😛

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, hope you’re well! Macau sounds so exciting, I am sure there will be similarly glamourous places like this one…haven’t seen the movie yet but now you’ve got me quite intrigued!

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