Vines + chandies = wedding perfection

So as much as I’m loving Hong Kong life and being back in a city again, I still haven’t quite managed to get over the fact that it is so totally bloody ugly!  This is our view from our living room, over a sea of rusty concrete buildings:

It’s transformed at dusk when the lights start to come on and it turns into a sea of gold and silver stars, but during the day it literally couldn’t be worse.  Gag.

Most of the time I manage to ignore it, but my brain does seem to have a twice weekly paddy attack: ‘GAH, I can’t take this ugliness anymore!’, when it craves seeing anything that’s not made out of concrete or dried seafood – for instance…these insane wedding supper settings.

Find some vines, hang up a chandie or two and hey presto, you have the most beautiful wedding of ALL TIME:

{credits: Style Me Pretty}

Phew, right, aesthetically-pleasing-viewing quota achieved for the day, time to go out and take on the city…

Happy weekend lovelies, toodles!


  1. emily says:

    Elly – you’re speaking my language now. I think beautiful chandeliers are the new black. They go with everything! Thanks for the beautiful photos
    Have a great weekend as well!
    Emily (

  2. Sam says:

    My heart kind of skipped a little beat when I saw the breathtaking wedding decor….I wish I could dive into one of those photos are join in the lavishly beautiful affair. I guess the view is a bit concrete-y, I couldn’t live in a city, I need to see green fields and mountains everyday when I look out the window. Wishing you a great weekend ahead hun

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