Hong Kong inspiration: tally-ho what what – part 1

So we’re not massive gamblers here in Casa MacDonald (in fact I don’t think I’ve ever won anything I’ve bet on) but we’ve been heading to the Wednesday night races at Happy Valley with friends most weeks lately.

It is the most incredible setting for a racecourse, surrounded by the Peak on one side and a wall of skyscrapers on the other (view from Wooloomooloo in Wan Chai, the best roof terrace in town):

The Chinese LOVE to gamble, so there’s always a packed crowd and fab atmosphere:

Anyway, so I was pondering the old horseys the other day and it brought to mind two things: 1) summer days spent in Blighty’s gorgeous countryside; 2) TWEEEEEEED!

I have a taupe herringbone blazer I picked up in Buenos Aires about 9 years ago, which I still get compliments on every time I wear it – looks a little like this!

So whether it’s twill, houndstooth, herringbone, barleycorn or striped, any form of tweed decor is likely to get me all in a tizzy.

So here’s what you’re really here for: the best tweed interiors inspo piccies out there right now.  Loving these monochrome houndstooth lovelies on the LHS here:

And a little tweedy accent can also do the business (Laura M, this one’s for you!):

Slate and coral twill (check out the nailhead trim!!) both making my knees weak as upholstery options…

And lastly two looks showcasing a Midcentury Modern and a more ornate trad vibe – tweed is up for anything!


So what do y’all think?  Are you a fan or is it a bit blah for you?!


  1. Hey, Elly, long time no see, aaa, spoken, comment, I had a hectic week in the office…I love the light pink couch, a dream that my two cats will destroy. I am a pink girl, what to do? You are so Ralph Lauren today, when I see tweed, I am thinking about the sharp cut of Ralph Lauren coats. The black and white combination is also something I would go for! Kisses

  2. Rob says:

    You know how much I love tweed…can’t wait to get some of these beauties into my next house! Can’t wait to get all wrapped up in tweed as it gets colder! X

  3. Erica says:

    So fun to go to the races. They look so exciting. I’m not much of a gambler either. I’d go just for the fun atmosphere.

    Love the tweed inspiration!

  4. Inés says:

    I love tweed, in fashion, in decor, even in shoes! And you selected the most amazing examples!
    I am thrilled of having discovered your blog, it’s wonderful, and of course I’m following you!
    I invite you to visit mine and if you like it, I’d love you to follow me back … hopefully my via bloglovin!
    Have a magical time!
    Big hugs!

  5. Sam says:

    The first city overview image is breathtaking! I don’t think its bland at all, this has inspired me to find some kind of tweed/herringbone coat and a lovely sofa chair would be great as well. It does look quite vintage and posh, doesn’t it. P.S When I saw the picture with the day bed I did think of you…coz you’re the only person who would know what it is about. Would love to see a baroque decor post….sugar please 🙂

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