Ode to the cityscape

I lived in Madrid for a while way back in my early twenties (a scarily long time ago now, ha), which was what first made me fall in love with foreign cities and crave time travelling the world. While I was there I became an eeensy weeensy bit obsessed with the El Rastro fleamarket, and bought as a leaving souvenir from there this gorgeous oil painting of a cityscape, which I still totally love to this day.

And I have to say since moving to Asia, my cityscape-appreciation has risen a notch or three even further – some of the views here are just insane.  Err, for example:

So anyhoo, reminiscent of those Madrid paintings are the cute handdrawn illustrations of Etsy-dweller Laura Amiss, who I came across yesterday.  These colourful jobbies would look fab in a nursery or as part of a gallery wall – guess the city…


Or how about these slightly edgier Europe-focused puppies, courtesy of andrerocha.design:


MAN I miss Europe!

So what do you think?  Is it just me that’s obsessed with cityscapes?!


  1. Sam says:

    You lived in Madrid, wow, that would be a dream for me, its such a beautiful city, I never wanted to leave while n vaykay. I am now obsessing over this pretty illustrations, I’d love to have one, the colours are sublime and theres an air of happiness about them.

  2. Oh Elly, you are a girl after my own heart. I am OBSESSED with cityscapes, as well! I honestly wouldn’t mind having cityscape art all over my house/apartment someday. The pieces you found are just incredible! 🙂

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