Design classic (21) – Eames Eiffel / Rocking chairs

Morning lovelies, and a very Happy Friday to you!  I’ve been meaning to write about the quirky Eames Eiffel chair for a while now, after using a couple of the suckers in my last client project.  They’re pretty fun, no?  Perfect as a dining chair or office chair methinks:

Mini compulsory history lesson: designed in 1950 by Charles and Ray Eames  for the MoMA in New York, it was the first ever industrically manufactured plastic chair.  Its official name is the DSW chair (or the DSR chair if it sports a wire base) and it falls into the chair family shown below…from left, the DAW armchair, DAR armchair, RAR (rocker – love!) armchair and DAL armchair:

Basically, I love ’em all.

Not this fella however, who somehow managed to sneak into my ‘Eiffel chairs’ folder on Pinterest…yikes.

Big no no!

Ahem, so…as ever, if you are after a fully legit official chair then head to a Vitra dealer, if not then Cult Furniture is the place for you – no judgements here.

So here are my favourite inspo piccies right now – I’ve mixed up all these Eames chairs so if you’re a DSW-purist you’ll have to just pick out the ones you want, soz.

They look pretty ruddy brilliant with the industrial-style kitchen and Tolix stool here:

And I can’t decide whether I prefer the monochrome look or a shot of colour:

So these ones on the RHS are the DSR wire base ones I mentioned up top – think I prefer the woodies though, although they are faaabulous here juxtaposed against the exposed brickwork and quarry stone floor:

Ooh, loving the pairing with these Beat lights from last week too:

Also look awesome with the Louis Ghost chair (but then again, what doesn’t?!):

Must blog about Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade pendant one of these days…totally slackjawed right now:

And last but not least, I’m also going a smidge gaga for these colourful numbers – can’t think of a more perfect office chair!


So what’s your opi’s folks – like these or love ’em?!  They seem to perfectly complement essentially everything I’ve ever written about on this little blog.

Have a happy weekend guys, see ya Monday!


  1. Sam says:

    Ohh I love these chairs, they look so modern and also timeless, the colourful ones are pretty for a cool kitchen or funky bedroom and the neutral colours are great for a clean cut look.Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  2. MDM says:

    Eames rockers really stand out in a fairly neutral, simplistic interior. Nice to see a ghost chair make an appearance too. One of my all time favourites 🙂

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