Wine tasting wonders – part 2

So despite the fact that it’s a tad early in the morning to be thinking about el vino, I thought I’d put together a shopping guide to the best wine glasses out there right now.  I so love setting our table when we throw dinner parties for friends and family, think we may need to invest in a few of these beauts to up the ante a notch or two!

{from top left: white lace glass, blue bubble glass, silver-rimmed glass, gold stemless glass, gold-rimmed glass, square-edged glass, blue ombre glasses, clear/purple glasses, black glass [BARGAIN!], stemless indent glass}

Which is your pick…?


  1. Sam says:

    A lace glass!! I am in love…think I’d only ever drink anything out of there, including milk and OJ, lol. The last few with the coloured stems are very pretty as well. Happy Friday Elly!

  2. Kristin says:

    Oh I adore the glass with the lace around the top. So me. So not my husband. Ha! Guess I’d just have to reserve them for tasting parties with the girls 🙂

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