Wine tasting wonders – part 1 (& a little Romney-boshing)

So first of all this morning I may or may not have become a smidge sidetracked and would like to point out that Mitt Romney is so full of sh*t!  We’ve been following the debates and saw the final one last night, during which I realised who it was that he reminded me of, especially with that dumb puppy dog face he kept pulling during his convention speech:

{credits: 1 / 2}

Remember old Spike the Dog from the 1980s?!  Ahem, sorry, don’t usually make offensive political statements about people here but just had to get that off my chest – we were hurling abuse at the TV for 90 minutes, nearly threw my wine glass at it at one point, ha.

Anyhoo, speaking of wine, so after the post I did recently on this BANANAS GORGEOUS winery in Sonoma, I’ve been inspired to hunt down a few more tasting room design goodies.  Exposed brick, industrial pendants and reclaimed wood are the order of the day it seems, and are making my knees buckle a little…

This first image is actually Platters Bistro, which we discovered on a trip to Singapore recently – LOVE the decor, those olive wood boards are incredible:

This high style pair are ringing my bell too – Louis Ghost chairs and Eames Eiffel chairs set off the reclaimed wood tables to perfection!

A pretty dramatic light instalment and collection of Tolix chairs are looking great here:

Ditto the above – totally enamoured with this gold, pewter and copper trio:

Ok ok, I couldn’t resist, this is from Ram’s Gate Winery again…and I’m still drooling all over my keyboard:

Couple of slightly more rustic numbers:

And how gorgeous would these settings be for a wedding?!

I’ve kept the best for last people, DO YOU SEE THIS TREE-CHANDIE?????!!!!  Absolutely incredible, literally takes my  breath away:

Ooooh and lastly (really lastly this time, promise) here are a few residential gems by Taylor Howes (who I wrote about a while back now…):


Not bad huh?!  Which is your favourite…?


  1. Alistair says:

    Err, not sure I see the Romney/Spike resemblance, but I agree with the rest of it!

    The eerie wine cellars are amazing – though I’m not sure if they’d inspire you to be at your most sociable.

  2. Abbey says:

    I was watching the final debate in the conference room at work over lunch yesterday and my colleagues and I had a few opinions to throw around too 🙂 Gorgeous images as always Elly 🙂

  3. Haha you jsut made my day! I have to admit that I’m not sure that I’d waste my wine throwing it at him though… 🙂

    And hello, how gorge are all of these??? Nothing makes me happier than sipping some vino in such a place 🙂 xoxo

  4. Sam says:

    I actually haven’t been watching any of the debates, I think that we have sooo much of our won political melodramas here in South Africa, its difficult to keep up with the rest of the world. These fantastic images remind me of a hotel that I visited recently that I know you will love. The coffee lounge had a glass panel in the middle of the floor, with view of a private cellar underneath where you could hold a dinner party for about 12 guests, it was the coolest thing!

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