Hong Kong inspiration: jungly get fit

So after my, umm, sightly unfortunate honeymoon-motorbike-injury back in April and a loooong period of getting nice and fat while my ankle mends itself, I’ve recently started running again here in Hong Kong.  I’ve discovered that the one and only place in the city where one can do so without squishing hundreds of Chinese people and dried sea cucumbers, or getting run over by a bazillion overzealous taxi drivers, is the bamboo-forested loop along Bowen Road.


It’s halfway up the Peak in amongst the jungle and has incredible views down over the city:


Anyhoo, so I was on mile 4 the other day and admiring all the lush tropical foliage around the road when Peter Dunham’s Fig Leaf fabric popped into my head – literally this exact image:

So I thought it was about time I had a little squiz at it on le blog.  It adds the perfect pop of colour and whimsy to a room, especially when plastered wall to wall – check these beauts out.

This wallpaper would wake you up pretty quick in the mornings, hey?!  And am also totally in love with this bamboo-style canopy bed:

LOVING the fig leaf fabric paired with this sisal flooring and wooden accents:

Couple of bluey schemes where it works quite well:

And it also looks pretty increds paired with woven blinds – exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


What do you peeps think – fan or foe…?


  1. emily says:

    I’m a big FAN – I just bought something very similar for my guest room…I will show it on my blog very soon…
    Glad you’re back to running again – it’s such a great sport if you can do it.


  2. Fan, fan, fan! I’m usually not big on prints like this for decor; but I seriously love this one – it adds such a serene, jungle-like touch that is very peaceful and beautiful. I’m in love! 🙂

  3. I did not know about your accident, well, hope now you are ok and keep on running 😉 I like green, so do I need to say more? I would paint the world in green (actually the world is painted in green but during the summer, now is all beige and orange) and purple, but green is the first choice! So, hell yes, I want that leaf armchair, it is gorgeous :*

  4. Sam says:

    Aw no about your injury…happy to know you’re running again, with all that beautiful verdant outdoor inspiration, I’m sure it made it easier! The leaf print is so pretty and refreshing, haven’t considered that before, i like it in the first room and the bathroom, that is a bathroom right?

  5. Erica says:

    How lovely to run through a bamboo forest.

    And a motorbike accident on your honeymoon?!! Epps! You looked pretty banged up. Glad you had a nice place to relax and recover though. 🙂

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