Design classic (20) – Beat light

Morning morning all and a very Happy Friday to you!  Plans for le weekend?  We have a buddy in town so an action packed weekend of waterfall jumping and hiking is ahead of us – will be good to get out of the city, can’t wait!

Anyhoo, so to round off the week I thought for today’s design classic post I’d look at the pesky pendant that’s had me all in a tizzy for a while now.  Designed by the genius that is Tom Dixon, the Beat light is a spun brass beauty with a black lacquer / white powdercoat finish that’s been ‘hand-beaten’ within an inch of its life in Northern India:

It’s good.  It’s ruddy good.  See for yourselves…


Pretty fabulous, no?

Have a happy weekend lovelies, toodles!


  1. Fabulous, indeed, I myself fall in love with three pendants, but because of the price and the fact that the light is not so good (they were black), we went for something else. I hope you will enjoy the waterfalls, sounds like really fun, Elly! Kisses and have a fabulous weekend;)

  2. My favorite placement? Above the zebra-print rug! There is something so modern about that space that I am swooning over. I am imagining that it’s located in the center of a bustling city, and I want to live there – with those lights! 😀

  3. Sam says:

    Sounds like a really great and adventure filled weekend – Enjoy it! These look very chicly modern and quite industrial as well, think it will be great for social/commercial places.

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