Potty for plaid – part 2

Yesterday’s post seemed to go down pretty well so here’s a little guide to the best plaids out there right now – I am totally going gaga over the turquoise and fuchsia lovelies:

{clockwise from top right: dark grey check, aqua/white square, black/white square, grey/purple check, grey check (wallpaper), fuchsia/grey check, light grey square, pink/grey check, aqua check, pink square, blue/grey check}

Which is your fave…?


  1. Pink and purple one, for sure, I am a girl, so…I hope the blankets you posted yesterday as are warm as I imagine them :D.
    PS: I saw “Out of Africa” four years ago for the first time, because then I had a crush on Robert Redford and re-saw it on this Sunday, it is perfect and you know what? Meryl said that in that film, her oldest daughter (now an actress) had 18 months and she was dressed like in the 19s century to play in the movie, just to run free together with other children. When I’ll see Out of Africa for the third time, I will seek the daughter in the film :)))). Last week I saw: , Kramer vs. Kramer (Oscar, with Dusty Hoffman), Silkwood (with Cher, some other awards :D), Julie&Julia (Golden Globe I think), Prime, Falling in Love (with Robert de Niro), The Bridges of Madison County (I cried, OMG!), One True Thing (sublime, but sad, cried again :P), Sophie’s Choice (Oscar, this is my favorite just because she plays so damn good! Did not cry though!)and last night I saw The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Now, please do not decide not to follow my blog because I am a crazy girl, I am not that crazy, maybe a little bit…obsessed :)))))))))) Kisses, have a sunny day there :*

  2. Sam says:

    I thought I loved the simple plain ol red and black plaids but I stand corrected. I now love these radiant fuchsia and turquoise plaids. Much more vibrant and lovable!

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