Potty for plaid – part 1

So with the temps plummeting in HK and the smog rolling in (ick), it’s beginning to look a lot like autumn.  And what better way to welcome in the change of season than with a large dose of plaid / tartan.  It’s either that or a post on medical mouth masks…

For some reason these pics make me pine for the Cotswolds, the Sunday Times…

…and a frigging massive fireplace.

So whether it’s used as upholstery, a wall treatment, carpet, curtains, blanket or throw pillow, a small dose of plaid goes a long way!  Check out my fave inspo pics right now – which is your pick…?

Slightly in love with this upholstered Chesterfield on the LHS here:

This tartan Eames lounger is hilarious, love it!



  1. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, first I want to specially thank you for all your wonderful comments, I always look forward to them, you are too kind! Secondly, I am a massive fan of plaid, I even had a dress made in tartan. Theres something comforting and home-y about it, and looks especially good in a cozy blanket, I liked seeing the use of plaid in these more upscale ways

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