Monday’s Masterpiece – urban glamour

Morning folks, and welcome to the week!  Hope all had a fab weekend.

So for today’s masterpiece I thought I’d take a look at Mamoz Bar and Restaurant in Causeway Bay, here in Honkers.  It was designed by Gettys, a hospitality design firm with a big presence here in Asia and the States.  The whole space is fantastic but for me the highlight is its centrepiece: an 8 metre long teak bartop from Indonesia.  Let’s take a little peek!

You see the bar??!

Ok, let’s get a bit closer…

Err, and a bit more…

It’s just absolutely beautiful, oh gawd I love Bali!

They also make a feature of the connecting staircase, with a transparent glass floor so you literally feel as if you’re standing on top of the city:

And they have some pretty cool wall decor to boot:

{credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }

Pretty incredible, no?  You must check it out if you’re ever in Hong Kong.

And here are a few more images from Gettys’ portfolio – they seem to nudge towards a slightly more trad style than I ususally go for but there are a few corkers.

Loving this contemporary lobby, with its pops of tangerine:

And these wood carvings are pretty much perfection!

A couple from the Hotel Felix in Chicago – I seriously am becoming alarmingly obsessed with sleek modern fireplaces…

This reception desk is really interesting – can’t work out what that finish is on the front though, any ideas?!

And lastly a colourful quirky hotel bar – not a bad spot for a drinky or two:



  1. I think I will be so afraid with that transparent glass floor! When I was in London, I wanted so bad to go to London Eye, but up there I could not move from the interior bench, pretty scary! But that bar is amazing, Elly! I also like the tangerine details in the lobby. Have a gorgeous Monday 😛

  2. Sam says:

    Ah wow, where do you find these incredible places? I am in awe of the colours of the lounge in the bar, I love that, so sophisticated and richly adorned. I like the modernity of the last hotel, very clean cut and minimal – its very appealing!

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