Hong Kong inspiration: Foo Dogs

Morning lovelies!  So my idea for today’s post came to me last night when I literally nearly tripped up over it on the way home.  Hollywood Road in Hong Kong is the Chinese antiques lover’s dream: shops laden down with lacquer, teak, celadon, porcelain, and rosewood abound, not to mention all the statues of buddhas, mythic gods and…FOO DOGS!

Pairs of these guardian lions (somehow the lion/dog lines have merged I think?!) have stood in front of temples, offices, palaces, shops and homes since the Han Dynasty (we’re talking like…2000 years people), as they’re believed to have very strong protective powers.

Well I can tell you they did not protect me last night, one of these sneaky little monsters made me stub my toe.  So anyhoo, they had their moment of glory in the West a couple of years back now, but I have to say I’m still partial to a pair sitting on a bookcase or mantelpiece.

So here’s my round up of the best inspo piccies out there right now – hope you likey!


And here’s a little collection of foo dog accessories, should you feel the need for some protective guardian lions in your life:

{from top left: turquoise statuettes, multi-colour lamps, white napkin ring, yellow statuettes, navy throw pillow, white lamps}

Woof woof! (Or should that be raaaar?!)


  1. The story is like this: I have in mind some design items that would never look good for me. However, and I think I said it before, there is the power of the designers to show me that every item can look great if you choose the perfect place and the perfect match for them. So, now, after I saw this photos, I say: yes, those guardian lions can look great (of course, if it is not night and you wake up bumping into one and start running). I like the purple/light blue room and the pillow.

  2. Sam says:

    Ohh thats what they are called! Thank goodness I have you to add to my decor vocab! I prefer them in the more non-traditional cutesy sense and bright colours, I liked the first bookshelf idea and how they were used in blue in the fourth pic.

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