Cute as a button

So despite professing to be staunchly anti-baby, I have to admit I’ve been getting a smidge broody lately.  ONLY a smidge, mind you…  Lots and lots of our friends are dropping sproglets left, right and centre right now (very exciting indeed!), which has meant lots of time spent perusing websites looking for baby shower gifts etc.

One fantaaastic source I’ve recently discovered is Joules – I’ve been a fan of their rural-preppy clothing line for a while now but all the baby shizzle is also seriously cute, you must check it out.

{sheet set, toy, jumper, onesie, toy, sleeping bag, moses basket, girly blanket, boyey blanket}

I’m kinda hankering after a grown-up version of that cute sweater top right – is that weird?!

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions herein are my own – seriously, I challenge you to disagree with me!


  1. Abbey says:

    These are very cute indeed. I had about 8 friends all have babies in the first half of this year so I can relate elly 🙂

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