Design classic (19) – Peacock chair

Happy Friday people!  I for one am looking forward to a couple of chilled out days – I’ve started my final (really final this time…) push to get my course done and dusted, and am slightly overwhelmed by the number of boards I need to produce, it’s been a crazy week!

Anyhoo, so for today’s design classic I thought I’d take a look at the gorgeous and exotic Peacock chair.  There are various tales as to who was the original designer, but I think I’ll relate the most interesting one: apparently a German prisoner in a Manila jail created the ‘Manila chair’ in the very early 1900’s.

The Peacock chair  soon swept the globe and was a favourite for celeb photos – everyone from Katherine Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe to Brigitte Bardot parked their bot on one at some point:

And the trend continues to this day, with the likes of Cheryl Cole, Siena Miller and various other lovelies:

It also seems to be an all time fave piece for magazine stylists – check out these BANANAS photo shoots (this first one from Rue still makes my jaw drop to the floor – see here for the full deliciousness):

Pretty gorge, no?  It lends the perfect boho vibe to a space I think.

So…what you’re really here for, these are my fave Peacock chair interiors inspiration piccies around right now.  It is absolute perfection teamed with an exotic wooden screen or carved wooden doors:

And I have to say I’m going slightly giddy over the whiteys too:

I think this terrace is by Angie Hranowsky – loooooove her work:

And both of these spaces are styled beautifully!


So these little suckers are quite tricky to get hold of.  There are a couple of stores that sell them new, but most of the time people seem to buy them second hand off ebay.  Here’s a round up of my fave ones out there now – top centre is oh so dreamy:

{from top left: natural, vintage light, mint green, fuchsia, natural, white}

So what do you think…?  Have I converted you into a fan (boom boom)?!

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!


  1. Ah, I absolutely love these. Even more so because we actually have three in my house – they were my grandmother’s from years ago. I always feel like a Royal Princess from a distant land when I sit in them!! 🙂

  2. OMG, I had a peacock chair growing up, and I always, always had to sit in it. I thought it was super awesome even though it wasn’t all that comfy. Sadly, my love for the peacock chair has diminished.

  3. Sam says:

    Aww Is this what this chair is called, I always see it in magazines and didn’t realise it was called a ‘Peacock Chair’, Its a really lovely design, I like the more modern styling, the pastel ones are lovely and so is the very first white one. Wouldn’t mind one of these lovelies! Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  4. Of course you did, Elly! So many stars laying down on that chair, I want to feel the vibe of that peacock;) I think I like the white version 😛 but I won’t say no to the other colors 😀

  5. susan says:

    I just bought a nice one, with footstool, at an antique store in a tiny Texas town. $99.00! I can’t decide to leave it like it is or paint it turquoise!

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