Monday’s Masterpiece – brickalicious

Morning folks, how are we doing today?  Hope all had a fab weekend…?

So one of the many things I love about a trip home to Blighty is that I get to pick up around a tonne of design mag subscriptions.  I have become a total pro over the years at getting as much weight as possible onto my return fllight back to Cayman/Hong Kong – I dread to think how much weight was in that magazine bundle, eek.

Anyhoo, sorry for the rambling, think I need another cup of coffee…

In one of my backdated Living Etc. magazines was a home that made my eyes pop out of their sockets.  Designed by hubs/wife team architect Marius Haverkamp and Emily Gray, the enormous exposed brick wall grabbed my attention in particular – check out that gorgeous patina!

Combined with the industrial chic extractor hoods and Tolix stools, weathered reclaimed wood cabinets and poured concrete countertops/flooring, it is seriously seriously stylish.  I am still sightly in awe actually, despite having poured over the images for about 4 days straight.

Shades of grey and purple soften the living room, and that antique cabinet looks almost artistic set against the deep hue of the wall (do you know what  mean?!  I don’t think I’m making much sense this morning…):

The canopy bed was imported from Bali (and actually looks a lot like the delectable bed at the Temple Lodge – swooooon), and I’m also loving that mannequin in the corner, as well as the sheepskin-accented hanging cane chair:


I wrote about all things exposed brick a while back (clicky clicky here), but thought I’d put together an updated selection of gorgeous imagery for you lovelies today.

This first puppy is still my absolute fave – this was actually one of the things that pushed me into interior design in the first place, think it’s the combination of the glam traditional chandie and rustic cane bench set against that insane brick backdrop, LOVE!

Also totally enamoured with this loft style space – that egg chair in particular is bananas (see here for more eggy ideas):

Another elaborate chandie is making my knees a smidge weak, and I’m also surprisingly drawn to the more traditional look on the RHS here:


And although my first love is reserved for the authentic red brick look, these white jobbies are also le bee’s knees, and a great option if your brick wall has seen better days:


So what do you think?  Could you go in for a little brickwork?  Have a fabulous week folks!


  1. Yes, Elly, yes, LOVE! How about that grey chandelier in the first picture? OMG, it is so pretty! Do you remember I said I am not into these sophisticated chandeliers with tones of “crystals”. Well, I love them now :))))))) and they are so chic with the red brick wall, I can’t believe what a great interior designer may do! You are so lucky, Elly, to have chosen this amazing career! Kisses 😉

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