Wanted: colour shot

Oh my GOD I’ve never been so jetlagged in my entire life!!!  Am feeling absolutely dreadful this morning despite about 100 hours sleep and a triple espresso, think I need some bright fun colour to wake me up a little.

I’ve been getting increasingly drawn to the gorgeous punchy colour combo of coral and gold recently, so thought I would indulge this today.

With autumn hitting the northern hemisphere, I guess it’s maybe a smidge too summery, but I just don’t care, ha.

Whether it’s used in interiors, fashion, jewellery or wedding design, it is guaranteed to knock off some socks.

And this is a shot of the lovely Tasha, from our wedding in Cayman!  Great bangles my dear:

So anyhoo, here are a few interiors inspiration piccies in these shades – totally enamoured with this unusually shaped armchair:

And this vignette is pretty much le bee’s knees, can’t go wrong with a bit of bling:


This exotic beaut is by the Jeffers Design Group – see here for more colourful goodies by them!

And these two elegent schemes are also perfection!

Gold cane backed chair??!  Yes please:

And lastly this one is a smidge more tangerine actually, but it’s going in anyway!




  1. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, have you left the Uk already? Whats the time difference like? Hope you get over the jet lag soon 🙂 The coral inspiration is so refreshing, I didn’t realise how lovely it looked with gold until I saw these images. I also followed the link to your wedding, onmygosh! It was a beachy dream, everything was exquisite, you looked stunning!

  2. Exquisite! I want that bling bling trade on the table with that coral item, the gold chair, that tree on my wall…aaa, what more? The coral chair and all those bracelets, I think they are J.Crew, yes? So, any idea where I could find the above mentioned items, Elly :)))))))) ? Hope you had some awesome time at the wedding with all the tiredness in the world, around the world 😉

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