All that glimmers – part 1

On Sunday night I went to the National Theatre with my Mum and Sissy, to go see the Planet Earth concert that’s been sweeping the country.  Not massively highbrow I know, it’s not exactly Tchaikovsky, but it was a fun night out and the music was pretty fantastic.

Anyhoo, so I was sat watching the big screen showing extracts from Planet Earth, and when I saw this glow worm scene my jaw almost hit the deck:


Not a bad effort for a bunch of insects, hey?!  These little suckers got me thinking about all the bonkers gorgeous traditional chandeliers I’d seen lately, so I thought I would have a little lookee today.

I think my fave schemes are when they’re paired with rustic wood or stone elements, and have to say am partial to a little dramatic black too, as in the last few pics.  Enjoy!

FAAAAABULOUS in these kitchens, love!



  1. Sam says:

    Those are glow worms? I wouldn’t have had a clue if you hadn’t told me! Its amazing how nature can inspire art. The best thing I ever did was get a chandelier, although its not as glamorous as any of these, it still adds a lovely bit of drama to a room. Great pictures!

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