Headboard quirks

So ever since posting about oversize and in your face art the other week, I’ve been pondering the use of art as headboards, as I came across a couple of pretty smashing examples at the time.

It’s such an easy way to add a dramatic focal point to a bedroom, whether you opt for a classic oil painting, large scale photo, map or other type of wall art:

LOVING this map!!

And this one is kinda freaky but I likey…

Cool, huh?

So what was supposed to be a short snappy post became a smidge gigantic when I became slightly overexcited about unusual types of headboards and started pinning like my life depended upon it…

Exhibit A: ethnic screens – I DIE!!!

Exhibit B: rustic doors and mantelpieces – I DOUBLE DIE!!

Exhibit C: mirrorwork, swoon:

Exhibit D: suzanis, kilims and other textles, j’adore!

And lastly, Exhibit E: old shutters – also pretty awesome:

{all credits}

Thoughts…?  So would you prefer to stick to traditional headboards or are you tempted to go over to the quirky side?!


  1. Alexis Grace says:

    I love the idea of art as a headboard, but I am concerned about the practicality (like reading in bed…), especially when we are discussing a piece of framed art that really shouldn’t be leaned against.

    • Elly says:

      Yep I agree, it’s definitely not for bookworms… I’ve seen a few examples with tiny mini headboards and then massive pieces of art above them, which could maybe work.

  2. You will laugh out loud, Elly, but I am afraid that a huge mirror or other headboards is going to fall over while sleeping. So now I have nothing as a headboard. Well, fear is not the only reason: I did not find my headboard yet, I was thinking about a huge vintage picture, something like last scene in Casablanca when he tells her “We’ll always have Paris!”, then I looked closely to it change my mind, then a Klimt painting crossed my mind, but my bedroom is too modern for such art…and too colorful (green and lila :)))))))) for a more colorful painting like the “Kiss”…maybe you can give me a hint 😛 even though I loved the black painting idea you posted a couple of weeks ago and the chart…

    • Elly says:

      Yeh, it’s always tricky putting art into a room that’s already furnished, especially if it’s colourful. How about an oversize black and white photo…?

  3. Moma says:

    Oooo, I love it! I found a fantastic old yellow door with shutters a while ago, would have bought it and used it as a headboard if it wasn’t too big for my room! So, I’m still looking for something quirky to use as a headboard!

  4. Sam says:

    Aw wow, I had no idea that headboards could be this interesting and creative, loved the artwork in the second picture and most of all, the lovely mirrors appealed to me. I also like the fabrics, they add a ‘comforting’ feel. Thanks for this glorious room inspiration!

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