It’s all in the styling – desks

So the photoshoot of my current client’s place is coming up in a few weeks now and I’ve been pondering (err, read: panicking about) the ‘oh gawd, how am I going to make my photos look professional enough?!’ dilemma.

I’m really delighted with how the home office has come together given what we had to work with (as in, not being able to alter the floor/wall finishes, curtains or ugly A/C unit), but it is still going to take quite a bit of styling to get it looking its best.

So here are a few of the images I’ve been using for inspiration – whether you’re styling a super-masculine space with lots of dark woods and leathers, or a lighter more colourful ladies’ office, there should be something here for you!

Incorporating some fab artwork, flowers and quirky accessories seems to be pretty indispensable:

Going GAGAAAA over these inspiration boards:

And I think this is my fave image of the lot: glam, brooding and highly polished – a seriously well-curated collection of objets:

Divine, no?!

Here are a few lighter whiter ideas – the range of lighting options used is pretty crazy, very refreshing to not just see a load of IKEA work lamps!

Loving all the greenery here:

And here are some darker ‘man offices’ – all I can say is helllllo zebra:

I can pretty much see myself working at either of these puppies:

What a bonkers gorgeous rustic A-frame desk on the RHS here – love!  The ‘casually flung shirt’ is a nice touch too.

And every single time I set eyes on this beaut my heart does a little pitter patter…

Last but certainly not least, a couple of more orderly minimalist work spaces – I’m totally enamoured with those Eames chairs, and think this uncluttered styling works pretty well too:


So tell me, which is your fave??  Do you like to have everything on display MAXIMALIST style (is that a word?!) or do you prefer a more tidy affair…?


  1. A Brit Greek says:

    Theres somethign uber sexy about black bookshelves and gilded gold edges on furniture… but I also love that feminine one in pic #2. I’m such a contradiction it’s not funny – both maxed out or tidy. My old job required lots of space and also mood boards, lookbooks, tear sheets/fabric trims, magazine overflowing etc so it was a bit of a crazy inspirational place!
    Anyhoos, just saw your comment on the Greek villas post, here’s to us ex-pats!

    • Elly says:

      Ha, yeh me too and I’m supposed to know what I like! I seem to change my mind pretty much every other day right now…I guess that’s all the fun though, right?!

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, I am sure the photo shoot will come out amazingly well, when you’re busy with it, it will all just work out instinctively and harmoniously. I loved the second image with the pink and white, very pretty – and I kinda need a pretty space to work in. I also liked the block shelving idea of the zebra print picture. The airy white offices feel so calming. I much prefer the minimalist tidier look. Thanks for your comment, oohh the boat event sounds fun, hope to hear more about it.

  3. Kate, Zazous says:

    I think I like the very first picture best. I love the long wide lamp over the desk and the clear perspex chairs. A very creative space; I think I’d be inspired to do great things in an office like that!

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