Ombré oogling – part 1

So I’ve been spending a little time looking into the new design collections in ol’ Blighty right now, in preparation for my trip home next week.  NEXT WEEEEEK!

Ahem, so yesterday I came across the insane Castellani Wallpaper collection by Designers Guild, and let out a little yelp of glee:


Errr, yes please, come to mama.  Right now.

Ombré decor has been around for quite some time but it seems to be showing no signs of disappearing yet.

Defined as ‘shaded or graduated in tone’, this trend has totally saturated the lands of interior design, wedding design, fashion design and hair design…

…but I can totally see why, as it’s just pretty ruddy gorgeous:

So here are my fave inspiration piccies for the home right now – it seems to be particularly popular as a wall finish and window treatment:

Love me a bit of lilac I do:

Possibly the most increds outdoors area I have ever set eyes upon…

Also totally enamoured with the darker more serious shades:

And these two coral applications are le bee’s knees!

Throw cushions would be an easy way to incorporate the trend for any commitment-phobes out there:

And here are a couple of specific applications that are pretty fun.  How about a citrus-hued radiator…?

Or a multi-coloured banister?

And lastly I guess this is strictly more ‘rainbow’ than ombré but I couldn’t resist including these cute images:

{all credits}

How adorable would a rainbow wall be for a little girl’s room?!!

Make sure you stop by for part 2 tomorrow por fav!


  1. Ang Lam says:

    Love ombre decor!! So sorry to reply so late to your question, I didn’t use a green lipstick for my hippie look. I used the green cream eyeshadown from makeup for ever flash palette as lipstick. With that palette, you can use most of the colours on your lips except for the 3 colours listed on the back 🙂

  2. Elly, why did I not discover your blog last year when I bought the apartment? You give me so wonderful ideas, but a little too late for me… Well, I won’t be spending my entire life in this apartment and if I follow you daily, I think my next house would look gorgeous! I love that coral application and, of course, the lila. I am a fan of the rainbow, you know and I think I could not live in a black and white and beige house? :*

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