Monday’s Masterpiece – London whimsy

Morning folks!  How are we today?  Hope all had a fabulous weekend.

So for today’s masterpiece(s) I thought I’d take a squiz at Drake & Morgan, a corporate bar group that’s been taking London’s bar/resto scene by storm since 2008.  Their creations are consistently light hearted, colourful and fun, with a serious dose of style thrown in for good measure.  We’ve just arranged a big meet up with friends for when we’re back home, and what better venue is there than The Anthologist: a whimsical and contemporary space in the City.  In a land populated by too many old man pubs and dreadful dives such as Abacus (*gag*), it really is a breath of fresh air.

A few elements that all the properties seem to have in common are a large open style dining/bar area with long communal tables, other sections of the space being split up into lots of different little areas with different seating styles, a whole bunch of seriously cool and quirky pendants and other accessories, and amazing textural and colour contrasts in terms of wall and floor treatments.

Note the pendants please!

The effect is to create an interior that is constantly grabbing your attention and that’s a delight to be in as a result.

So let’s take a little peek at what else they’ve done.  The first place to be opened in 2008 was The Refinery in Southwark.

Errr, helllllo Tolix stools – do you see what I mean about them creating lots of different seating areas?  It kinda visually splits up the space into little ‘rooms’ almost:

Another fun lighting choice for the bar:

Next up was The Parlour in Canary Wharf – loving those hanging wicker chairs, so fun!

Yet more quirky pendants over the bar – in fact in this one image alone I can see four distinct lighting options:

Err, and a fifth:

The Folly and The Anthologist were the next two to be opened in the City.  I wrote about The Folly a while back, but here are my fave piccies again, couldn’t resist…

Seriously enamoured with these circular banquets and oversize lampshades:


And including these trees in the decor really takes it up a notch:

Errr, lastly, this is a bit random but I always find myself wanting to take pics of the loos in really well designed bars/restos as they are (unsurprisingly) never featured in the galleries on their websites (worst offender was the Spice Market in NYC – still gutted I missed the chance to get a snap).  This however is the Folly bathroom – the wallpaper inside the stalls is textural and I LOVE how it contrasts so well with the transparent tiling effects:

And lastly the most recent offering of the group is The Drift, a bar located inside Heron Tower in the City.

Ok ok, I think you might guess what I’d like to draw your attention to in this photo:

They are total gobsmackers, no?!

{all credits}

So I’ve only actually frequented two of these so far, think I may need to do the rounds next week…  They’re also opening two new bars in 2013, so watch this space!


  1. Alexis Grace says:

    I love a well designed restaurant! It just enhances the entire experience. And they can be such a great source to draw from when working on your own home. These spaces are fantastic…. love love love them!

  2. A Brit Greek says:

    I am loving every pic in this post, and like some the others here, feel like reaching for a pint of something or a super cocktail! The Drift looks pretty awesome although I’d hate trekking to the City… there are a few places you’ve mentioned here that warrants my attention though… I’ll be heading to London around LFW time… yessss!
    p.s being rubbish, must ad you to my blog roll now! 🙂

    • Elly says:

      Ooooh fab, yes you must check them out!! Have fun at the Fashion Week, sounds awesome. And yes, ditto re the blogroll, I’m dreadful at adding peeps too.

  3. Sam says:

    I have actually never seen restaurants/pubs designed in this way before, at least not here in SA. I like the interesting use of space and the long tables, and yes those pendant lights are just awesome! The Folly is so beautiful! I want to go there 🙂 In response to your comment, I had no idea, what was Kelly Wearstler doing before?

    • Elly says:

      Ooh sorry, wasn’t very clear re Kelly W – she’s a HUGE interior designer too, I didn’t know she’d branched out into fashion. Will def be checking that out though.

  4. annie says:

    Well you know I love these interiors! But having eaten in four of them (!) what lets them down is the food which just isn’t very good. Such a shame because the interiors make me really happy!

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