Design classic (17) – the Butterfly chair

Haaaappy Friday peeps!  Can’t wait for the weekend – we’re heading back to Honkers this afternoon for a couple of days of much needed relaxation.  What are you folks up to??

So today I thought I’d take a look at the absolutely-and-insanely-bonkers-gorgeous Butterfly chair, also known as the BKF chair.  Can you tell I’m a fan?!

Designed in Buenos Aires in 1938 by the Grupo Austral, it is formed of a solid folding frame and a fabric/leather/cowhide/whathaveyou seat attached to the frame’s four corners.

From the first time I set eyes on this beaut I have been totally obsessed – not surprising really as I’ve been having a long run love affair with Argentina since travelling in Latin America years ago.

I think my fave application of the piece is in an outdoors setting, especially combined with a firepit or outdoors fireplace (err, or more randomly Moroccan lanterns, you know me…):

But it’s also pretty increds in a safari / glamping kinda situation:

And here are a few interior piccies also – sorry, seem to have got a smidge over excited about it…


Double-swoon – love it here on the RHS with the dark wood floor and trad chandie:

Can’t go wrong pairing it with a cowhide rug:

It seems to very often be draped with a sheepskin rug/throw, which looks pretty fabulous also:

Slightly obsessing over this sleek scheme on the RHS here:




  1. Alistair says:

    Love it in the context of a safari… Glamping. Not so sure about the furry fella at the end (Oh my Gaad… What is that?? It’s so furry!!!)

  2. A Brit Greek says:

    I love how this piece can be utterly stylish (in the pic with striped rug) or perfectly casual. Gorgeous images!
    re: Tzatziki – it’s a very basic recipe that you can make to suit your own taste, for example I prefer a sprinkling of dill rather than mint in mine and I like the cucumbers to be grated than finely chopped – the base to the traditional recipe is cucumber, crushed garlic and Greek yoghurt!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ohmigosh swoon! I seriously think I need one of these in every single color and texture imaginable. I am loving the last fuzzy piece featured; and how perfect is that library-esque setup? Love love!

    P.S. Glamping with one of these in tow sounds so perfect right now!! 🙂

  4. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, thanks for your always kind and wonderful comments, you are too sweet! I also wonder where you find all these stunning decor inspiration, lol. I had no idea what a butterfly chair was until now, it looks so relaxing, I could see myself sitting on one and never wanting to get off. Have a great week!

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